Company Profile

“If I don’t go to work with a smile on my face, I will quit” (quote from Boukje, during her first job interview).

We believe in a sustainable future, which means more than taking care of just ecologic aspects. It means developing a vision for the future, and optimizing for the long term in all aspects of life.
As work is an essential part of most people’s lives, believes that work should be “sustainable” as well. It needs to bring economic added value, but just as well should be fun, enjoyed, and giving added value to everyone involved: customers, employees, employers, suppliers, etc.

We have a “hands-on” attitude: working closely together with our customers, and we understand that the world does not just happen during office hours. We enjoy working (closely) with our customers towards their goals, and hope that besides our work-related expertise, we also give them a taste our spirit.

The European dimension of our consultancy work gives the work an additional flavour: supporting collaborative proposals and projects on cutting edge research and seeing European consortia succeed makes our day!